Tutorial for LK 150 Hobby Knitter

The LK 150 is a very versatile machine. Many people purchase it as a second machine, sometimes after spending several thousand dollars for a top of the line electonic, because it allows us to manipulate yarn and stitches manually, more like hand knitting with two needles. I am one of those people. I own five electronics and a punch card model, and use them often; but I love feeling the yarn and working with my hands. So the LK 150 is the machine I use when I want a more low-tech knitting experience.

I have decided to use the illustrations in the LK 150 knitting manual for this tutorial. There is abslutely no copyright notice anywhere on the manual, so this should be safe. However, if Studio objects, I will replace these line drawings with photographs I have taken myself. I personally prefer the line drawings because it is easier to see the specific part/lever/setting, so for now we will stay with the knitting manual illustrations.

Words, descriptions, and tutorials are my own. This is what is copyrighted. You may download and print out any of this material, and share freely with your friends, as long as the copyright notice remains on the pages. This tutorial represents more than a hundred hours of work. I deeply appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


Step 1. Watch the Video
Step 2. Choosing a Table
Step 3. Setting up the Machine
Step 4. Names of the Parts of the Machine


Preparing the Yarn
Selecting the Needles
Threading the LK 150


Casting On
Alternate Tapestry Needle Bind Off for Ribbing


Stockinette, Stripes, and Waste Yarn

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