Knit collars come in several styles and sizes. My favorite method requires an adult XL collar, and is explained below.

1. Overlap front ends of collar, about 3/4" at center front, and pin securely, or tack with a few basting stitches. Place a pin in center of this overlap to mark center front. Fold collar in half, and mark center back. Fold collar so that center front and center back are on top of each other. Place pins at folds on either sides. This is called "quartering" the collar, and pins are placed at quarter "points".


2. Divide garment neck into quarters and mark with pins.

3. With sweatshirt right side out, insert raw edge of collar down into neck, placing raw edge exactly at bottom of neckband stitching on sweatshirt, and matching quarter marks. Pin collar in place.

4. Set sewing machine to medium wide, medium length zigzag stitch. Use sweatshirt color thread in bobbin, and collar color thread in needle. Place neck edge of pinned sweatshirt/collar under presser foot of sewing machine, with sweatshirt next to feed dogs, and collar facing upwards. Beginning at center back, sew collar to shirt, letting needle swing just over the outer edge of the collar. Do not backstitch. Instead, sew all the way around, then sew 2" over the beginning end of stitching. Clip threads, leaving long tails. pull all thread to the inside, tie together in pairs, and clip ends.

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