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Welcome to Clearwater Knits. This site began on GeoCities (a Yahoo web hosting provider) in 1997 as a place to share patterns and tutorials for knitting machines. A couple of years later it moved to it's current host, and has lived there since. There have been many changes in the machine knitting world over the last two decades. Most of the knitting machine manufacturers have ceased production, and it is harder to find shops that sell machines and give hands-on lessons. But used machines that have been hiding in closets and attics, under beds, and in basements are being sold or given to new owners. With some cleaning and (usually) minor refurbishing, these machines will provide years of knitting pleasure. And of course, patterns and instructions are still needed. On this site you will find for-sale books and patterns by Irene Woods, links to terms and abbreviations for machine knitting, size and ease charts, and several tutorials. There are also lots of free patterns and a list of knitting machine shops and dealers. Please click on one of the links in the left column, or the navigation bar at the top of the page to enter the area of your choice. The blog section is brand new, so it will take a little time to populate it with posts. Please check back often, as this is the part of the website that will be getting most of the new material...patterns, tips, techniques, and anything related to these wonderful knitting machines.
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