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Patterns, Tutorials and Information for Machine Knitters

Welcome! Here you will find books by Irene Woods, terms and abbreviations for machine knitting, size and ease charts, and tutorials. There are also several free patterns and a list of knitting machine shops and dealers. Please click on one of the links in the left column below to enter the area of your choice.

Books by Irene Woods

Helpful Information for Machine Knitters
(Terms, Abbreviations, Size Charts, Ease)

Learn To Use the Studio/Singer Knit Contour

Japanese Pattern/Charting Instructions.
Learn how to read those wonderful Japanese knitting patterns!

Free Patterns
Patterns for standard, midgauge, bulky,
and Bond/ISM machines

LK 150 Tutorial


Dealer List
More than 100 North American Dealers,
Arranged geographically


Flying Geese Afghan Pattern is available for both midgauge and bulky knitters

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